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Instagenius Review – What is it?

Welcome to the Instagenius Review where we will take a closer look at some of the benefits and features. Instagenius is a powerful WordPress plugin tool to help you increase your profits and fast track the process of growing your e-mail list, and you can do all of this with Instagenius, Hands Free!

After a few simple steps you will be up and running with Instagenius in no time. Firstly, install the Instagenius WordPress plugin, then all you will need to do after that is connect your Amazon and autoresponder accounts, Boom! you have now completed the first step of setting up your Instagenius account.

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What Next?

When you have completed the first step setting up your Instagenius account, a widget will now appear to your visitors offering them a FREE *Price Watch* service. Kablamo! your website visitors will now have the opportunity to use this service and search for items they wish buy.

Instagenius will now offer your website visitors FREE buyers advice for the product they previously searched for, after they subscribe to your e-mail list. This is a great way to build up e-mail lists for future campaigns. Now the plugin will automatically track prices on Amazon for them.

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 And Then?

When an item on Amazon goes on sale or Instagenius finds a recommended product (based on the extremely powerful algorithms), a targeted e-mail autoresponder campaign will go into action..

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  • Close the sale
  • Will suggest related products
  • All Handsfree!

Instagenius plugin will come pre-loaded with e-mail campaigns that you can fully customise. Automatically inputting products the website visitors have shown an interest in. When an item goes on sale, take advantage of scarcity and cross selling like a boss.

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InstaGenius: WP Plugin

InstaGenius Unlimited: $19.97
Developers License: $27


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