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PBN Builder Review

Welcome to the PBN Builder review, What is PBN Builder? PBN Builder will help those who need to perform off page SEO build, automate, and manage the entire process from one single platform. PBN builder is currently in the development process of the product, an update will come in just a few short weeks.

Who will PBN Builder help?

The PBN Builder product will help small business owners learn to take control of their own marketing efforts and to help SEO Experts who already build PBN’s (Private blog networks) to collect data and organize it all in one easily accessible software.

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PBN Builder is a next gen software automation marketing tool for SEO experts and small business owners alike. It aids in ranking websites on search engines.

See, no matter what anyone tells you, leveraging private blog networks is STILL one of the most powerful ways to get yours AND your clients websites and videos to the first page of Google.

All those guys that talk about how much they’re dominating Google, yup, I can almost guarantee they’re using a PBN.


Myths About PBN’s

You do NOT need a PBN that consists of 100+ sites to be effective… In fact, nowadays, even a 25 site or 10 site PBN is considered “BIG”.

Yup, you heard that right. You’d be surprised how much ranking power you can get from just a small 5 to 10 site PBN.

In fact, most SEO marketers are dominating the first page of Google with these “micro PBNs”.

So don’t think that you need a giant, hundred-site PBN to make this work.

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